ABC Phonics Song – Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs

ABC Phonics Song – Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs is to help make learning Kids will laugh, dance, sing, and play along with video.

Abc Phonics Lyrics

A Is For Apple, A, A, A, Apple
B Is For Banana, B, B, B, Banana
C Is For Cake, C, C, C, Cake
D Is For Duck, D, D, D, Duck
E Is For Elephant, E, E, E, Elephant
F Is For Fish, F, F, F, Fish
G Is For Guitar, G, G, G, Guitar
H Is For Hat, H, H, H, Hat
I Is For Igloo, I, I, I, Igloo
J Is For Juice, J, J, J, Juice
K Is For Kitten, K, K, K, Kitten
L Is For Lemon, L, L, L, Lemon
M Is For Mittens, M, M, M, Mittens
N Is For Nest, N, N, N, Nest
O Is For Orange, O, O, O, Orange
P Is For Pig, P, P, P, Pig
Q Is For Queen, Q, Q, Q, Queen
R Is For Ring, R, R, R, Ring
S Is For Socks, S, S, S, Socks
T Is For Teddy Bear, T, T, T, Teddy Bear
U Is For Umbrella, U, U, U, Umbrella
V Is For Vegetables, V, V, V, Vegetables
W Is For Wolf, W, W, W, Wolf
X Is For X-ray, X, X, X, X-ray
Y Is For Yoyo, Y, Y, Y, Yoyo
Z Is For Zipper, Z, Z, Z, Zipper
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Abc Phonics Music Video


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